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Hotel Griffon Receives a Wonderful Review from, "Hill City Bride"

Hotel Griffon Receives a Wonderful Review from,
This month, Hotel Griffon had a brilliant visit from Hill City Bride creator, Jennifer Prince. Slope City Bride was made in 2010 to be a specialty Virginia wedding website to fill in as an asset for Lynchburg weddings while additionally giving nearby merchants a scene in which to grandstand their work and administrations. Obviously, her blog has developed immensely and we are appreciative to be a piece of it! 

The following is a scrap of the extraordinary things Jennifer needed to say in regards to Hotel Griffon. 

"To the extent facilities, the rooms are so comfortable – yet spacious...my see was watching out towards the Oakland Bay Bridge and after that looking towards the San Francisco wharfs. So dazzling! Really, the perspectives from Hotel Griffon were a feature, and I adored watching out over the majority of the view."

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